Hot Deaeration


Column Hot Unit

    • Final oxygen below 10 ppb
    • No vessels, no vacuum
    • Heat Recovery up to 96%
    • Compact short column


Deaerated water is used in the brewing industry for flushing filters, centrifuges, pipes, tanks, etc. When used to adjust the alcohol concentration or original gravity after filtration, the residual oxygen concentration of the deaerated water is critical as it directly influences the quality and shelf life of the final product. Denwel provides a fully automated solution able to economically achieve oxygen down to 5 ppb.


The deaeration column is filled with high efficient structured packing. Its internal surface of 500 m2/m3 ensures a maximal contact area between gas and liquid. Water is homogeneously distributed from the top and CO2/N2 is injected at the bottom of the column. While the water flows downwards through the packing, the CO2 / N2 rises in counter-current, removing the dissolved oxygen from the water.

This process is distinguished by high efficiency and reliability and consumes just a fraction of energy compared to other methods. With hot deaeration water sterilisation is part of the process: the incoming water is heated up to high temperature in order to remove contamination and ensuring high water quality. No further water sterilisation is required. An efficient three-zone plate heat exchanger with a large regenerative zone ensures heat recovery rate up to 96%.

The unit has an uncompromising sanitary design and is fully CIP cleanable.

Additional information

Final Oxygen

Less than 10 ppb (0,01 ppm)


Operating 2 to 4 barg, 30 to 60 psig


operating 1 to 90 °C, 34 to 194 °F


2 to 4 barg, 30 to 60 psig; max. 90 °C, 200 °F

CO2 / N2 purity

99.995 %

Stripping gas flow

app. 0,4 g/l (final O2 and column height dependent)


app. 0,5 g/l


Tri-clamp; other connections upon request


from Height 3,5 m, 16,4’; Width 1,5 m, 4,9’; Depth 0,5 m, 1,6’


from 300 kg, 660 lb


Stainless Steel 304, EPDM, PSU, PP


4 to 10 hl/h, 6 to 15 hl/h, 10 to 25 hl/h, 20 to 50 hl/h, 30 to 75 hl/h, 40 to 100 hl/h, 60 to 150 hl/h, 80 to 200 hl/h, 100 to 250 hl/h, 160 to 400 hl/h, 240 to 600 hl/h