Inline Carboblender


Automatic Unit

  • Instant CO2 saturation
  • Multiple valve control for precise pre-carbonation blending
  • Alcohol/Extract analyser controlled
  • CO2 analyser controlled


High Gravity Brewing is a standard procedure in modern brewing. Precise adjustment of the extract or alcohol concentration is performed directly after filtration rather than in the brewhouse. It allows increasing the final output with the existing brew capacity and gives high flexibility in brewing different types of beers. Designed for fast and accurate dosage of deaerated water, DENWEL provides a fully automated solution for continuous blending ensuring consistent product quality.


An inline Alcohol/Extract analyser continuously monitors standardized beer. Two parallel valves of different size control accurate dosing of deaerated water. Special software algorithm regulates both control valves simultaneously anticipating their required position: the coarse valve acts for the fine valve so that the latter never remains in any end position but can do fine-tuning in its most efficient range. This results in very fast regulation and most precise adjustment in just one process step. Two electromagnetic flowmeters measure the volumes of high gravity beer and deaerated water. If the resulting ratio is not within the expected range, the system sends a warning or stops. The beer pump reliably blends the two liquids and therefore no additional mixer is necessary. Pressure drop can be avoided and superior sanitary design maintained.

Additional information

Blending ratio

up to 100%

Original Gravity

Measuring range 0 to 20 °P, ±0.05 °P


Measuring range 0 to 10 %vol, ±0.03 %vol


up to 6 g/l, 3 V/V (P & T dependent)


operating 2 to 5 barg, 30 to 72 psig


operating 0 to 5°C, 32 to 40°F


2 to 5 barg, 30 to 72 psig; max. 90 °C, 200 °F


Tri-clamp; other connections upon request


from Height 1.9m, 6.2’; Width 2.0m, 6.5’; Depth 0.6m, 2’


from 250 kg, 550 lb


Stainless Steel 304, EPDM, PSU, PP


20 to 50 hl/h, 30 to 75 hl/h, 40 to 100 hl/h, 60 to 150 hl/h, 80 to 200 hl/h, 120 to 300 hl/h, 200 to 500 hl/h, 300 to 750 hl/h, 400 to 1000 hl/h

Technical Specs (PDF)