Magic HF

Speed up to 60,000 BPH. Hot filling system for carbonated drinks.. Suitable for:

  • Still drinks
  • Vitamin water
  • Fruit and vegetable juices
  • Fruit cocktails and ready-to-drink
  • Ice tea
  • Isotonic drinks
  • Sports and energy drinks


CFT Group’s hot-filling system is the result of a highly performant design, developed by its R&D after many years of experience in the beverage industry. These fillers are heavy-duty constructed and are manufactured with high-quality standards ensuring consistent and precise filling.


  • Speed from 5,000 to 60,000 bottles/hour
  • Constant filling accuracy and temperature in all working conditions
  • Four-block unit available, suitable to pre-dose sacs or dried fruit
  • High flexibility in working by recipe through an operator-friendly touchscreen panel.
  • Machines available: 24 to 100 valves
  • Possibility to handle both glass and PET bottles.
  • Constant product recycling between 5 and 10% in all working conditions.
  • Possibility to differentiate the filling flow rate to handle difficult and foamy products.
  • Valves number: from 24 up to 100.
  • Machine available in central tank version (only for Pet bottles) and external tank version (for both glass and Pet bottles). Possibility of coupling with linear twist-off capper, usually integrated at filling group exit with the synchronization of bottle conveyor or in quadriblock version, adding a piston filler for sacs or pulp cubes dosing.
  • Controlled recycle & spillage-free solutions.
  • Capable of Hot-Filling and capping light-weight PET bottles.

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PET bottles
Glass bottles


Still/Sparkling Water
Still/Carbonated Soft Drinks
Still/Sparkling Wine
Ready to Drink