Magic RDI

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Speeds up to 60,000 bottles/hour. Electronic filling machine for liquors and spirits. Suitable for:

  • Still wine
  • Liquors
  • Spirits


MAGIC RDI is part of the CFT “Magic” range based on low vacuum filling technology, suitable to fill still wine, liquors and spirits only in glass bottles. MAGIC RDI represents CFT Group’s premium technology for medium/high capacity lines (from 5,000 up to 60,000 bottles/hour).


  • Very accurate fill height (+/- 1mm)
  • Speed from 5,000 to 60,000 bottles/hour
  • Superfast changeover without level pipes replacement
  • Machine available from 16 to 108 filling valves
  • Vacuum filler with PLC servo-controlled valves, granting high flexibility and efficiency with the possibility to work by different set-ups
  • Filling valves functions are completely controlled by PLC. Setting can be modified in every moment without any manual intervention
  • Body handling with lifters with a patented system (single gasket for quick replacement)
  • Double Central Tanks (Upper vacuum tank and lower product tank)
  • External skid for the vacuum unit
  • Possibility of free-standing fillers and multi-blocks machine (one rinser, single or double capper)
  • Unique basement for small triblock sizes (up to 40 filling valves)
  • Multi-units basement for big triblock sizes (up to 90 filling valves)

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PET bottles
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