Master P Tech

Speed up to 70,000 bottles/hour. Flow-meter filling machine specific for filling carbonated/non-carbonated soft drinks. Suitable for:

  • Non-carbonated soft drinks
  • Carbonated Soft Drinks


Premium isobarometric machine featuring flow-meter technology, specific for filling carbonated products in PET bottles.


  • Both filler and filling valves are designed to handle exclusively PET bottles with neck handling transfer system for non-carbonated and carbonated products
  • The bottle motion is made through a system applied to the filling valve, which allows the bottle lifting in axis with the same, avoiding any possible instability of the bottle.
  • The CAM-controlled pneumatic lifting system allows maintenance operation without any machine stop.
  • Machine available from 20 to 100 filling valves
  • Innovative filling valves – the main feature consists in the separate air return provides high filling hygiene and considerably reducing any possible contamination problem.
  • Valves are AISI 304 st. steel manufactured, relevant finishing is especially accurate and this gives high valve hygiene.
  • The construction shape allows intervention practicality even in the smallest details studied on purpose to make the maintenance as much rapid as possible. The valve has the salient characteristic to receive the basic maintenance without needing to be removed from the filler.

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PET bottles


Non-carbonated soft drinks
Carbonated Soft Drinks